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Renaissance Astrology : 16th century Modern Astrology : 17th century See especially sections 2 astrology and 6 ephemerides and almanacs. Many German books. The article "Astrology" by Ernest Riess dates from Numerous contributions by Wilhelm Gundel. Internet Archive Vols. Zoroaster references.

The most important bibliography on the subject : entries. Two copies. Goldstine New and Full Moons B.

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Opere a stampa Firenze, Leo Olschki, , 2 vols. See my review. Nobody among our recent historians has been able to surpass him there : "Have we a right to attribute to the minds of that age our definiteness and clarity of thought, our common sense, our scientific spirit? Is it fair to take the words in which they expressed their thought and to interpret these according to our knowledge, our frame of mind ; to read into their words our ideas and discoveries ; to rearrange their disconnected utterances into systems which they were incapable of constructing ; to endeavor by nothing else than a sort of allegorical interpretation to discover our philosophy, our science, our ideals in their writings?

From Plinius to John Goad The first six volumes are online thanks to the Public Library of India. Internet Archive P. The author has chosen to cite anti-astrologers as preferable to astrologers. According to him, astrology's only purpose would have been to prepare the ground for the theory of gravitation in vol. Several Google copies : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. Incomplete version can be found on Google books.

All religions were veiled astrological systems. See mainly vol. On Allen's compilation, see Gary Thompson's review. Partial copy of the German version on Google books. French translation in The first two chapters online. Thom, one of the leaders of archaeoastronomy, gives evidence of Moon and Sun alignments at its risings and sets at equinoxes, solstices and intermediate points in some megalithic monuments. Only some pages available. See the relations between the early decanal constellations which rise on the horizon and the late introduction of zodiacal decans in astrology.

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Or the influence of early Babylonian religion on the language and thought of Genesis Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. Noordhoff, ; Engl. Version, P. Noordhoff [and New York, Oxford University Press], Only 30 pages of Van der Waerden's master work on ancient astrology despite of the title are available on Google Books.

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Galter dir. An introduction to Babylonian and Assyrian Celestrial Divination Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, "A case study of celestial divination, an analysis of the received traditions as well as a description of astrology in subsequent periods. Rogers "Origins of the ancient constellations : I. The Mesopotamian traditions [and] II. APIN translation pp. The reference edition remains : "MUL. But probably the different engraved sections come from different periods.

For a good presentation, see Gary Thompson's page. University of Toronto, Important doctoral thesis on the Parapegmata, "texts and instruments used for tracking cyclical phenomena" in Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc , essentially for astrometeorological purposes. It has been recently published by Cambridge University Press F: Gallica F: I.

Chu, after Saussure and with some new observations, advocates "the indigeneity of the system of 28 Mansions to china" around BC. The next volume is related to mathematics, calendars, cosmology and astronomy. Schafer Pacing the void.

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  6. T'ang Approaches to the Stars Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California Press, "For most early Chinese, even for the most advanced authorities on events in the sky, astronomy was indistinguishable from astrology. There were certainly skeptics, but it appears that most men, even well-educated men, continued to believe that a predictable Jupiter remained an awful Jupiter.

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    See also my compendium Italian corpori Florence, Milano, Venice, and others. An introduction to Greek constellations after Eudoxos of Knidos c. See also the English translation of A. Some parts of Geminus' treatise are highly recommended, especially those related to the definition of zodiacal signs. The "Elements of astronomy" proves that the Greeks were not using an imaginary sidereal zodiac. Valpy, , 2 vols. Important astrological treatise c.

    It gives correlations between planets and parts of human body. See eight-folded zodiacal division col. See at the same web site, two horoscopes and some other astrological fragments : Search Astrology in Michigan mss. With ps-Ptolemy's Centiloquium and Haly's comment. Edited with the "De judicandi facultate et animi principatu". See also by M. Riley Anthologies English translation Mark Riley, ca. Vettius Valens fl. More than three copies. See chapter 21 pp. Ignorant of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos. Numerous editions. Compilation on the time of life, the climacteric years, and the cycles of the great year.

    Petersburg, Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences, Firmicus, against Pagan cults. The text can be viewed on Scribd and the file downloaded after subscription. Manetho's Apotelesmaticorum.

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    Final redaction after See after Maximos Peri Katarche. Manetho Hephaistio of Thebes fl. Several reprints. We have yet to learn why supposed "astrolatry" interested Ptolemy, and Cardano, Kepler or Campanella some fifteen centuries later Translated by David Pingree in his excellent critical edition of Third volume is not yet available. A typical model of ancient "matricial repartitions". Chidambaram Aiyar, 2nd rev. Mantreswara Phala Deepika Transl.

    Kapoor, New Delhi 13th c.? The book is attributed to Shri Mantreswara. For the content of these treatises, see David Juste notice. See in the second part : "De Eris intervallis regnorum et gentium", "De era persarum", "De revolutionibus annorum", "De aequatione duodecim domorum coeli" At the end f. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos : "Sobre las natividades" Barcelona, See David Juste notice. CMU Introd. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Barcelona, Richard Roussat, Paris, Denis Janot, Xth century Hebrew popular manual astrology, numerology and physiognomony.

    Incomplete copy with manuscript notes. Translated by John of Seville. The portraits for Mercury and Moon complexions are significative of the Jewish inversion of the original Babylonian significations. A person who is born under the moon will be a man who suffers illness, building up and tearing down Latin manuscript translation. The Tables have been written around On Indian astrology and related subjects, see chap.

    Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Madrid, Miami University, Internet version of the doctoral thesis of Lester Ness.

    Hasan b. Tzvi Langermann. For an English translation of this text, see Paola Zambelli : "The Speculum astronomiae and its enigma: astrology, theology, and science in Albertus Magnus and his contemporaries" Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic, BSB Clm , [S.

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    Prag , Carmody , p. Incipit : "Dex [Dieu] qui fist toutes creatures", explicit : "et jasoit que li Toreaus fust alez en meson estrange en One of the most beautifully illustrated incunabula. Francis Carmody has edited in the three first books of a French manuscript translation before : "Li compilacions de le science des estoilles". Translated by Robert Hand books in , and by Benjamin Dykes books in The choice aphorisms from Cardanus are not included in this copy.

    A facsimile of the edition of , has been published in Washington American Federation of Astrologers, then in London Regulus, with different pagination. Word copy of the translation in A history of astronomy and astrology, and a rather precious catalogue. Inescapable reference book of which there is a light version. First catalogue entirely dedicated to astrological works : from Abdylaziz Alcabitius to ps. Google PNG Gardner. Manuel bibliographique des sciences psychiques ou occultes Paris, Lucien Dorbon, , vols Planetary, Lunar and Solar Positions B.

    New and Full Moons B.

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    Google PNG Welther. These collections although containing many references other than astrological , might be useful : they include 15th century incunabula and 16th century books in all fields published in outstanding printing centers Lyons and Paris, Venice, Rome and Padua , and others. Cantamessa's bibliography, the most complete on astrology, has been greatly improved and is now online : Bibliografia di opere stampate tra il e il di astrologia e che di astrologia trattano , refs.

    Cantamessa Bibliografia. Thorndike's doctoral thesis. A history of magic and experimental science New York, Columbia University Press, , 8 vols. Although it includes other material, this colossal study remains the best one ever concerning the history of astrology. On astrology, see mainly vol. Google PNG Wedel. Origine de tous les cultes, ou Religion universelle [Paris, , 3 vols.

    Famous theory : the origins of cults and religions are celestial. Gallica PDF Dupuis. Gallica PDF Dupuis Compendium on the origins of star names. Google PNG Knappich. Google PNG Gleadow. See my concise review in French : here. Google PNG Tester. Google PNG James. Gallica PDF Baudouin. On Lunar observatories in Megalithic Europe. Google PDF Thom A synthesis of ancient Egyptian astronomical knowledge.

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    Google PNG Clagett. Gallica PDF Oppert. Akkadian Genesis. The famous Babylonian astronomical compilation, and the earliest surviving catalogue of constellations. Only 30 pages of Van der Waerden's master work on ancient astrology despite of the title are available on Google Books. Fortune Teller.

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