Second toe longer than big toe astrology

Do You Have Greek Feet?

Gap between second to third toe If there is a gap between the top of the second and third toes then you are keeping your emotions separate from what you are doing. There are two reasons why this may be so. Little toe separates from fourth toe Spread out your toes. Can you separate your little toe from your fourth toe? The degree to which you can separate the little toe from the fourth toe is the degree to which you are adventurous, need constant change, and hate routine. We could set our clocks by you! Flaking Skin : In Chinese medicine, the skin represents your reaction to life.

If foot skin is flaky, you are not looking after yourself. Flaky skin also indicates you need more love in your life. DARK patches of skin on the Toe Pads : This can indicate depression; depressed people tend to walk on the front of their feet, pushing their weight forwards. Ridged Nails : If your toe nails are vertically ridged, you may have a problem with your digestive and metabolic system.

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Try eating healthily. Horizontal ridges indicate very high stress levels. Bunions : When I see a bunion I see someone who is running themselves ragged for others. Stop, and think about yourself for a change. Calluses on the Ball of the Foot : The ball of the foot is associated with shoulders. A callus here indicates someone with bad posture. Patches of Dark Red or Purple color : Darkened areas of skin indicate deep hurt. Patches of purple or red on feet point towards an emotional wound.

If your feet are paler than the rest of your body, your circulation is weak. Swelling under the Ball of Foot : The central area underneath the ball of the foot represents the stomach and liver. If there are swellings here, you should cut back on alcohol and fatty food. Soft spongy area around the Achilles Tendon : A squashy, spongy area around the Achilles tendon on the heel indicates fertility problems. Cutting back on caffeine and increasing the amount of water you drink will help.

This Is What Your Toe Length Reveals About Your Personality

Cracked Heels : Poor digestion, excess heat produced in body which is not balanced. I know a couple, both the husband and the wife, have longer finger than their toe but only the husband is dominating :wacko:. My finger is longer than my toe. Now, what if my wife's finger is also longer than her toe, who's going to dominate in that case? This has got to be wrong I dont care wat that says I always thought it looked odd when the second toe is longer than the big toe.

I mean, is it really normal? Allow this one, i know one scientific experiment that is definitely true. Maybe some of you have heard of this. Go look in the mirror. Now depending on whether your handspan is larger than your face, alot can be said about u. Maybe all cultures have this. My mother told me this when I was a child. Her second toe is longer than the big toe, my father's wasn't. But in our family it was obvious that my father was the dominate party. I have my father's toes, and it's also obvious that I'm not the submissive type.

Why Your Second Toe Is Longer Than Your Big Toe - What Is Morton's Toe?

I don't care if my husband's second toe is longer, I'll chop it off it he starts getting bossy. Actually u r right because life is not about human nature merely. You are posting as a guest. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Do You Have This LONGER TOE Then BEWARE with the GREEK FOOT !!!

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Basics about Toes in Foot Reading

By Ruq , February 4, in Off-Topic. Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics No registration required! Search In. Give a Salawat Here! Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Normal Pronation is a series of motions the foot must have, so that it can absorb the shock of meeting the ground. It must be able to do this, in order to adapt and adjust to the new walking surfaces it has just met. This adjustment should only last a fraction of a second to allow the foot to slow down; absorb the shock of your body weight in order to adjust and adapt to the walking surface.

Normal pronation should only last no longer than a moment for the foot to adjust. Once the foot has adapted to the ground the foot should stop pronating and should be starting to stabilizing itself or locking itself. This locking is called Supination and is the opposite of Pronation. In Supination the arch of the foot goes up instead of down as in Pronation so that it can become the Ridge Lever. This compensation puts the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other structures under a tremendous amount of abnormal stress and strain not only of the foot but of the whole body.

It is this abnormal stress caused by the body attempting to compensate that is the start of most of our feet and body wide problems. This foot structure is known to cause and perpetuate musculoskeletal problems.

Problems start with the feet and the list is long. There are a variety of treatments available for conservative treatment and surgical correction of Morton's toe. Orthotic devices : Orthotics that feature arch support to keep the foot aligned, and a metatarsal pad to reduce stress on the ball-of-the-foot are often recommended when treating this condition.

Morton in Wide toe-box shoe gear: Proper treatment of Morton's Toe starts with selecting proper footwear. Footwear with a high and wide toe box toe area is ideal for treating this condition. It may be necessary to buy footwear a half size to a size larger to accommodate the longer second toe.

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Proper footwear combined with a effective orthotic will provide relief from pain associated with Morton's Toe. Taping can also be used to reduce the hypermobility and strengthen the transverse arch of the foot.