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Be prepared for a different type of reading, as this will have nothing to do on the transitions of the planets but psychic energies surrounding each sun sign. Every card will be handpicked with the help of angels and spirits, and detailed using a combination of the Rider Waite, Thoth, and Golden Dawn system. My Stars! Horoscopes - Jenna is an astrologer and stargazer.

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Keep in mind that a change of attitude can change your whole perception of how you feel about someone. As Venus makes a move to join Mercury and the new moon in your career zone, it's an indication that something new and positive is on the horizon.

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Watch for opportunities and chance meetings with significant people. The energy of a full moon will turn your attention to home and family matters. Now is a good time to get closer to those you care the most about. Friends are supportive now, don't be too proud to let them in. Adventure, learning, and excelling at what you do are all areas a Leo loves to get involved in and this month, your interest in new areas of learning will consume your attention. Travel and communicating with business people from afar can be beneficial for work.

Interacting with different cultures will be of interest, both from a personal and professional standpoint.

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With the sun moving to your career zone and interacting with Uranus, your work life is about speed up, and this is a good time to move forward with purpose and certainty. In love, whether single or in a relationship, be upfront and honest about your feelings to keep your dealings on the highest level of integrity. No one can argue with how you feel. If its support you are looking for, then this month someone can step up and offer you the assistance you need, even if it's financially.

However, the influence of the new and full moons can complicate matters. When it comes to money dealings, make sure you are crystal clear on an arrangement with someone — don't assume anything. This month, you can move forward quickly but with Mars in your career zone, you will need to organize your priorities. A family or home situation may slow down after the 11 th when Jupiter goes retrograde.

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Try to get things settled early in the month, as there will be no point in trying to force an issue as the month progresses. Love can be both passionate and romantic, and communication is very important to keep relations harmonious. The full moon in your sign can be unsettling, but in a way that pushes you out of your comfort zone. April is a great time to focus on your personal needs, so make sure to schedule in some "you" time. Money is very prominent in your April chart, especially working with others towards a goal that can provide a financial return.

With Venus moving to your relationship zone later this month, you will want to get ready for love. If you're single, be sure to fill your calendar with social events.

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The new moon is also in your love zone, indicating that new developments in romance can take place. Keep an eye out for someone new that may enter your life during this time. The full moon in the sign before yours on the 19 th will leave you thinking about where you are in life and where you're headed. Now is the time to fine-tune your life plan or even change direction if that's what you want.

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Take it one day at a time and avoid rash decisions. However, there is some urgency to get things settled when it comes to monetary matters as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all go retrograde during the course of the month. Time management is important and the energy of the new moon on the 5 th will help you get organized. Your love zone will be on fire by the end of the month when the sun moves to this area of your star-chart and embraces Uranus. During this time, unexpected developments can occur. With Mars in your opposite sign and Venus making a move to your other love area, romance and passion are definitely on the agenda.

Don't forget to make time for love this April.

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